Holiday Recounts

On every Monday Mr G gets us to write a recount about our weekend. But after every holiday we always write a holiday recount on what we did during the holidays. Frist Mr G got us to do a draft before we tiped it up on the computer. Mr G decided to put Olivia’s recount on the blog because Mr. G thought it was an outstanding piece of writting. I decided to tipe about heaps of things I did on the holidays. Some  of the things I did was go to “Run m Ragged”  twice, and I also went to the old Geelong Jail. You can read my recount to find out more.

By Olivia and Nathan

My holiday
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24 thoughts on “Holiday Recounts

  1. I think that it was fun writing the recounts and publishing them because we can put them on the blog and in our learning journal.

  2. Wow, fabulous recount Olivia. Wish I had of had so much fun in the holidays, instead of working!!!!!!
    Leann (Olivia’s Mum).

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